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„When we see our clients pleased we become pleased.“ - arch. Blago Stoev

„An architect is defined with what lasts past him.“ - arch. Ekaterina Stoeva

We've been designing buildings for 16 years in our family business - Architecture studio BESt. The name is an acronym and stands for our capital letters. It's just the two of us in the studio and this facilitates us to communicate directly with the clients and make their dreams come true.

We handle projects of any type - residential, public and industrial buildings. When necessary, we start with designing the urban planning.

Quality is our main demand. We strive to provide comfortable habitation in elegant buildings. Our style is light, modern, ethereal. Our priority - impeccable functionality with minimum space loss, wrapped in attractive architectural appearance, conformed with the regulations.

We work with established, high-end engineers in all main specialties and we are able to process several projects at a time. When in need, we team up with other excellent colleagues - architects form Stara Zagora and Sofia.

Design stages:

First stage – urban planning – considering the opportunities for the location according to the urban plan in use. If needed, providing urban plan corrections with better conditions. Also, geology and geodesy survey.

Second stage - preliminary architecture project in 1:100 scale. We complete it in two weeks with all detail needed for calculating the ultimate space, content and appearance of the building.

Third stage - technical project in 1:50 scale. Correction of the city hall approval remarks, if any.

We target at reasonable price for both quality for the client and effort on our account.